HTML Special Characters

This page contains a list of special characters along with the appropriate HTML character code to get the appropriate character. The coloumn char shows the character. If nothing is shown, your browser and/or character set cannot display the character (AFAIK most Windows character sets have a square for the missing characters, so this may also be shown). Originally I planned to have a second coloumn with a small image for each character of what it should look like, but since that seems to be quite some task, even if you make a script for it, I will stick to the character for now.

Typographic symbols

⟨Left pointing angle bracket
⟩Right pointing angle bracket
««Left angle quotation mark - guillemet
»»Right angle quotation mark - guillemet
♣Black club suit
♦Black diamond suit
♥Black heart suit
♠Black spade suit
¦¦Broken Vertical Bar
↵Carriage return arrow
¡¡Inverted exclamation mark
¿¿Inverted question mark
µµMicro sign
℘Script capital P - Weierstrass p
§§Section sign
¢¢Cent sign
€Euro currency sign
££Pound currency symbol
¥¥Yen currency sign
®®Registered trademark
¤¤Currency sign
†Dagger symbol
‡Doubel dagger symbol
¨¨Diaeresis - Umlaut
­­Soft hyphen
ªªFeminine ordinal indicator
ººMasculine ordinal indicator
¶Paragraph sign
•Bullet (Circular)

Mathematical symbols

ℑImaginary part - Blackletter Capital I
ℜReal part - Blackletter Capital R
ℵfirst transfinite cardinal
⊕Direct sum
⊗Vector product
↑Upwards arrow
⇑Upwards double arrow
↓Downwards arrow
⇓Downwards double arrow
←Leftwards arrow
⇐Leftwards double arrow
→Rightwards arrow
⇒Rightwards double arrow
↔Horizontal (left right) arrow
⇔Horizontal (left right) double arrow
…Horizontal ellipsis
⌈Left ceiling
⌉Right ceiling
⌊Left floor
⌋Right floor
<&lt;Less than
&le;Less than or equal to
>&gt;Greater than
&ge;Greater than or equal to
&equiv;Identical to
&sim;Similar to
&asymp;Almost equal to
&cong;Approximately equal to
&prop;Proportional to
&lowast;Asterisk operator
&nabla;Backward difference
&and;Logical and
&or;Logical or
×&times;Multiplication sign
&prod;Product sign
&sum;Sum sign
&nsub;Not a subset of
&notin;Not an element of
&ne;Not equal to
¬&not;Not sign
&perp;Perpendicular - Orthogonal to
&part;Partial differential
&permil;Per mille sign
&radic;Radical sign - Square root
¹&sup1;Superscript digit 1
²&sup2;Superscript digit 2 - Squared
³&sup3;Superscript digit 3 - Cubed
&sub;Subset of
&sube;Subset of or equal to
&sup;Superset of
&supe;Superset of or equal to
&isin;Element of
&ni;Contains as member
&empty;Empty set
&sdot;Dot operator - Multiplication
&prime;Minutes, Prime, Feet
&Prime;Seconds, Double Prime, Inches
ƒ&fnof;Function of
&forall;For all
&exist;There exists
¼&frac14;Fraction 1/4
½&frac12;Fraction 1/2
¾&frac34;Fraction 3/4
&frasl;Fraction Slash

Greek alphabet

·&middot;Georgian comma (middle dot)
Α&Alpha;Greek capital letter alpha
Β&Beta;Greek capital letter beta
Χ&Chi;Greek capital letter chi
Δ&Delta;Greek capital letter delta
Ε&Epsilon;Greek capital letter epsilon
Η&Eta;Greek capital letter eta
Γ&Gamma;Greek capital letter gamma
Ι&Iota;Greek capital letter iota
Κ&Kappa;Greek capital letter kappa
Λ&Lambda;Greek capital letter lambda
Μ&Mu;Greek capital letter mu
Ν&Nu;Greek capital letter nu
Ω&Omega;Greek capital letter omega
Ο&Omicron;Greek capital letter omicron
Φ&Phi;Greek capital letter phi
Π&Pi;Greek capital letter pi
Ψ&Psi;Greek capital letter psi
Ρ&Rho;Greek capital letter rho
Σ&Sigma;Greek capital letter sigma
Τ&Tau;Greek capital letter tau
Θ&Theta;Greek capital letter theta
Υ&Upsilon;Greek capital letter upsilon
ϒ&upsih;Greek upsilon with hook symbol
Ξ&Xi;Greek capital letter xi
Ζ&Zeta;Greek capital letter zeta
ϖ&piv;Greek pi symbol
α&alpha;Greek small letter alpha
β&beta;Greek small letter beta
χ&chi;Greek small letter chi
δ&delta;Greek small letter delta
ε&epsilon;Greek small letter epsilon
η&eta;Greek small letter eta
γ&gamma;Greek small letter gamma
ι&iota;Greek small letter iota
κ&kappa;Greek small letter kappa
λ&lambda;Greek small letter lambda
μ&mu;Greek small letter mu
ν&nu;Greek small letter nu
ω&omega;Greek small letter omega
ο&omicron;Greek small letter omicron
φ&phi;Greek small letter phi
π&pi;Greek small letter pi
ψ&psi;Greek small letter psi
ρ&rho;Greek small letter rho
σ&sigma;Greek small letter sigma
ς&sigmaf;Greek small letter final sigma
τ&tau;Greek small letter tau
θ&theta;Greek small letter theta
ϑ&thetasym;Greek small letter theta symbol
υ&upsilon;Greek small letter upsilon
ξ&xi;Greek small letter xi
ζ&zeta;Greek small letter zeta

Latin Alphabet

À&Agrave;Latin capital letter A grave
Å&Aring;Latin capital letter A ring
Á&Aacute;Latin capital letter A acute
Â&Acirc;Latin capital letter A circumflex
Ä&Auml;Latin capital letter A diaeresis
Ã&Atilde;Latin capital letter A tilde
Æ&AElig;Latin capital letter AE
Ç&Ccedil;Latin capital letter C cedilla
É&Eacute;Latin capital letter E acute
Ê&Ecirc;Latin capital letter E circumflex
Ë&Euml;Latin capital letter E diaeresis
È&Egrave;Latin capital letter E grave
Ð&ETH;Latin capital letter ETH
Í&Iacute;Latin capital letter I acute
Î&Icirc;Latin capital letter I circumflex
Ï&Iuml;Latin capital letter I diaeresis
Ì&Igrave;Latin capital letter I grave
Ñ&Ntilde;Latin capital letter N tilde
Ø&Oslash;Latin capital letter O slash
Ó&Oacute;Latin capital letter O acute
Ô&Ocirc;Latin capital letter O circumflex
Ö&Ouml;Latin capital letter O diaeresis
Ò&Ograve;Latin capital letter O grave
Õ&Otilde;Latin capital letter O tilde
Š&Scaron;Latin capital letter S caron
Þ&THORN;Latin capital letter THORN
Ú&Uacute;Latin capital letter U acute
Û&Ucirc;Latin capital letter U circumflex
Ü&Uuml;Latin capital letter U diaeresis
Ù&Ugrave;Latin capital letter U grave
Ý&Yacute;Latin capital letter Y acute
Ÿ&Yuml;Latin capital letter Y diaeresis
Œ&OElig;Latin capital letter OE
á&aacute;Latin small letter a acute
â&acirc;Latin small letter a circumflex
ä&auml;Latin small letter a diaeresis
à&agrave;Latin small letter a grave
å&aring;Latin small letter a ring
ã&atilde;Latin small letter a tilde
æ&aelig;Latin small letter ae
ç&ccedil;Latin small letter c cedilla
é&eacute;Latin small letter e acute
ê&ecirc;Latin small letter e circumflex
ë&euml;Latin small letter e diaeresis
è&egrave;Latin small letter e grave
ð&eth;Latin small letter eth
í&iacute;Latin small letter i acute
î&icirc;Latin small letter i circumflex
ï&iuml;Latin small letter i diaeresis
ì&igrave;Latin small letter i grave
ñ&ntilde;Latin small letter n tilde
ó&oacute;Latin small letter o acute
ô&ocirc;Latin small letter o circumflex
ö&ouml;Latin small letter o diaeresis
ò&ograve;Latin small letter o grave
ø&oslash;Latin small letter o slash
õ&otilde;Latin small letter o tilde
š&scaron;Latin small letter s caron
ß&szlig;Latin small letter sharp s
þ&thorn;Latin small letter thorn
ú&uacute;Latin small letter u acute
û&ucirc;Latin small letter u circumflex
ü&uuml;Latin small letter u diaeresis
ù&ugrave;Latin small letter u grave
ý&yacute;Latin small letter y acute
ÿ&yuml;Latin small letter y diaeresis
œ&oelig;Latin small letter oe
Last updated: 2005.04.29