This page contains some information about my M.A.M.E. cabinet SpiffMAME. The cabinet was bought used and in not too good condition. It was originally a Space Panic cabinet. During the past several years I have put a lot of work into refurbishing the cabinet, sanding it down and giving et several layers of matte black paint. I finally got arround to adding some side-art and a marquee, which I bought from This really adds a nice touch to the cabinet.

The power relay for SpiffMAME is hooked up to the parallel port of the PC, and allows the computer to turn on the monitor after the graphics adaptor has been set to a graphics mode suitable for the low-resolution arcade monitor. The monitor is a Hantarex MTC900, which was in the cabinet when I bought it. It is mounted on a square piece of plywood, allowing it to be rotated to run either horizontal or vertical games. A cap-kit was installed in the monitor, improving the quality of the picture greatly.

I have made my first post to, which is a nice blog Aaron set up, and allowed me to be a co-author of. In the future I will still put the longer articles about my cabinet here, but with a shorter excerpt on I will also do some shorter posts on mameblog (which will most likely not be here, since the bloggin' style is more appropriate for that kind of thing). Also the blog has a comment and talkback system which is somewhat more useful than my contact-page on this site.

Last updated: 2007.05.30