Arcade monitor

MTC900 monitor

The monitor in SpiffMAME is a Hantarex MTC900, which was in the cabinet when I bought it. The monitor is mounted on a square piece of ply-wood which slides into slots on both sides of the cabinet. This allows the monitor to be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The above image shows the monitor mounted horizontally. The monitor is connected to the isolation transformer mounted in the bottom of the cabinet for its power supply. The connection for the video signals are looped through the connector inside the coin door and back to the Matrox G400 video board.

Since the monitor accepts separate vertical and horizontal sync, I did not need to have any special setup of the video board, and no extra logic (or voodoo wire-twisting) to combine the sync signals.

The isolation transformer gets its power via the power-relay, so the monitor can be turned on and off from the PC. This allows me to have the monitor off during boot-time, while the BIOS goes through POST, and when the Linux-kernel loads and sets an appropriate video-mode, the monitor can be turned on.

Monitor from front showing burn-in

The above image shows the monitor from the front, mounted in the horizontal position in the cabinet. In this image, the control panel has been removed, allowing the tinted plexi-glass in front of the monitor to be removed as well. If you look closely on the image, you can just make out the slight burn-in on the monitor. During normal operation when the monitor is hidden behind the tinted plexi-glass, the burn-in is only just noticable when you have an image with a very light background.

Last updated: 2005.06.02