SpiffMAME service panel

The service panel inside the coin door

The service panel inside the coin door is mainly used to configure AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMENU.

The top (green) button is connected in parallel with the coin input. This gives one credit when depressed, and is very useful if you are running low on coins.

Underneath it is a toggle switch, which enables or disables a small circuit that gives one credit when either of the 1UP and 2UP start buttons are pressed. This option is not quite as good, because people pressing the start buttons multiple times get several credits, and this ruins the statistics of credit usage kept in AdvanceMENU. But with no additional room for buttons on the control panel, this was the only solution, short of putting in coins all the time.

The next four (black) buttons are configured as the four possible service buttons in MAME games. For games with NVRAM setup, these are normally used to go to service/configuration mode. Some older games use these for credits, while others again don't use them at all.

Underheath the hole for the coin-door lock are some switches which are handy for configuring AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMenu. These are TAB, tilde and enter.

The final button is not connected to the keyboard controller, but rather to the power-button input on the mainboard, and so is the main power-switch on the cabinet at the momemt. I plan to integrate some hardware to accomplish this task into the keyboard controller I am building (to replace the keyboard-hack I currently use), but for now, this has not been done yet.

Last updated: 2005.05.29