Spaceman Spiff's C64 resources

This page contains various resources all related to the most popular home computer ever: the Commodore 64. If you are into nostalgia and C64 games, you should take a look at the C64 DTV, which is a joystick with a very nice C64 emulation (actually emulation is probably not the right term, since it is done in hardware - in an ASIC) built in and 30 games. It plugs directly into your TV for hours of fun. A lot of people have discovered how the DTV seems to be designed for modification, and I too have had some fun with it, which is described on my DTV Hacking page.

The Commodore 64 was the first computer I ever got. After having borrowed one from a friend for a week, and not wanting to give it back (c'm on - he didn't use it anyways), my father found one (used) and bought it. He didn't even tell me, but just came home with it one day. It had a tape drive and a lot of games. The drive wasn't a commodore, but some cheap knock-off that needed to have the head recalibrated all the time. But never the less I spent countless hours with this machine. I was mostly playing games, although I did some BASIC-coding as well. Anything beyond that was probably a little too complicated for me at the age of 12.

As time passed, I got a C1541 floppy drive, and with floppies the loading times were much faster, and the number of games grew wildly from there.

At one time my C64 broke (I think this was related to me trying to hook up some home-made electronics to the user port), and a friend of a friend said he could fix it (probably one of the 6526 was fried, but I didn't know back then). He got the C64 and I never saw it (or him) again. But at that time I had moved on to the Amiga 500, so I didn't miss my C64 too much.

Then years later a friend asked me if I could help him make a system for timing RC cars driving on a circuit, using his old C64. I borrowed the C64, and although I did get some initial results, the project died. When I asked him if he wanted th C64 back, he said I could keep it. And I still have it. This is a German version of the C64G and I believe it has a 8580 SID instead of the 6581.

Some time ago, I came up with the idea for a SID 6581 based doorbell, which will be like a regular doorbell, but playing with a read 6581. For this I needed to get a hold of some 6581s, so I went searching in various places. One guy on eBay had two for sale, but the price sky-rocketed to a point where I did not want to follow. Then I found three defective C64s on eBay, along with some 1541s. I bought the lot (from Germany), and a huge box of non-working C64-stuff arrived. I also got a C64 from the university. With all these machines I started taking spare parts from one machine to put in the others, and got two C64s and two 1541s working. A friend gave me two additional C64s (one working) and a 1541. So all in all, I now have 4 of each (including the old C64G). I also have 5 spare SID 6581s for my doorbell project. So far (2017) there has been no further progress on my SID doorbell.

Last updated: 2017.07.17