Hummer UJS Fixed games repository

This page is a repository for games that have been patched for the Hummer user port joystick. Since the hummer does not have all lines for either of the control ports it is normally only possible to use the hummer for games that use keyboard input. However, since the 8 I/O lines of the user port are available on the Hummer, it is possible to connect a joystick to these lines. In order for the games to work, however, they must be patched to read the joystick data from the second CIA (i.e. addr $DD01 instead of $DC00). Games listed here have been patched to run on the hummer with the user port joystick.

Since I do not own a Hummer game, I am not able to test these, and I will not have any contributions for the forseable future, but other people seem to be patching games for the hummer like mad, so hopefully this repository will grow over time with all the great games you can put on your Hummer.

I have a separate page with PAL DTV fixed games games, although these patches are somewhat more complicated.

3 games found in database.

Gamepatched byversion
Boulder Dashexpertsetup1[DTV]
Bubble Bobbleexpertsetup1[DTV]
Montezuma's Revengeexpertsetup1[DTV]


Last updated: 2008.01.13