LarsP and Spiff's DTV-menu

OK, so here it is - finally. This is LSMENU, which is a new menu for starting games/programs on the DTV. The menu loads and displays the flash filesystem directory (at flash address $10000). Joystick is used to select a game/program. This menu has a nice SID-tune by Odi, and a border-scroller with customizeable text. PRG-file is about 5.7kB, and 4.9kB when dtv-packed.

Update 2008-06-25: The trampoline code has been moved to $130 instead of $100, which allows loading of larger files without being messed up by the kernel load routine. This problem was discovered with Zak McKraken, and the problem and fix was suggested by 1570. Thanks!

Update 2008-12-20: Interrupts are enabled before executing loaded program. This fixes the bug with Last Ninja not working with LSMENU. Also, LSMENU is now in the new ZIP format, which means you no longer need to use dtvpack if you want to modify the scroll text.


Last updated: 2008.12.20