This page contains a list of some of the crazy hardware and software projects I work on from time to time (or that I want to work on when I get the time). The projects are divided into different categories, based on their status as merely ideas, unfinished projects or finished projects. At some point these pages will be updated to have a sub-page for each of the projects, and once the projects get along, most of them will most probably get a more dedicated place on But for now, a lot of the projects are just listed by their name, and are therefore of little use to anyone but myself (to help me remember all the project ideas I want to get back to sometime).

The project ideas are ideas for projects I want to work with when I find the time. The pages contain a brief description of the idea and any special design issues I have been thinking about. These pages also serve as scrap-book and reminder for myself once I get arround to working on a project.

The unfinished projects are a step further up the ladder: They are projects that are mostly planned, and on which I have started working. A lot of the projects may stay in this category for quite some time, since I am not too good at deciding when a particular project is finished.

The finished projects are just that: Projects that I consider done. This does not mean that the project could not be further expanded, but merely that there is a working version available.



It would be wrong to say I do not have any unfinished projects. I just don't have any that I have written about (at least not written enough for it to be worth reading).


Last updated: 2017.07.17