Pinball Coffee Table

The Pinball coffee table is a project I'd love to make at some point. I first saw the idea posted on Instructables. Looks pretty decent.

For my own version I think I will add a micro controller that can be triggered by a few arcade buttons on the side of the cabinet/table, and will flash some of the lights back and forth, and perhaps play back some pinball game sounds.

I like the idea of the table being supplied from batteries, since this avoids the problems of stumbling over the wire. On the other hand using non-rechargable batteries does not seem like the best idea. I will be using one or more 7Ah 12V lead-acid batteries (the kind used for motor cycles, etc.), and build in a lead-acid charger that can be supplied from switch mode supply (the kind used for laptops and such) when the batteries need to be recharged.

Some other pinball coffee tables:

Last updated: 2007.06.18