Welcome to symlink.dk

After getting married and becoming a father, my time to update these pages have gradually faded, so don't expect regular updates. Also, I have just ported this site to a new server, so there may be a few pitfalls in the form of broken links, and the like. In the process I have removed a number of pages with totally outdated information, as well as a few pages that contained only a few statements regarding my intentions of putting some information on them. I think what is left has a more general nature, and some people might find it useful, even though the updates will be severely limited.

This is the tiny corner of the World Wide Web dedicated to the thoughts and insanities of Mikkel Holm Olsen, also known as Spaceman Spiff. If you want to know a little more about who I am, you can take a peek at my personal page.

As these pages will reveal, some of my major interests and hobbies are related to computers and electronics. Although there is a lot of ongoing development in these areas, and I try to keep updated on as many areas as possible, I also have a sweet spot for vintage computers and electronics. Concerning vintage computers my favorite is the Commodore 64. I also like coin-op arcade machines, and I have built a MAME machine, and restored an old Pinball machine.

Last updated: 2020.09.15