This page contains my dtvmkfs-utility, which can be used to create a custom flash file system for the C64DTV (and the Hummer Racing Game, if a DTV-kernel is installed).

dtvmkfs is developed and tested mainly on Linux, but I have managed to compile a Windows version using MinGW. Hopefully this will allow a wider audience to make custom flashes for their DTVs.

Version 0.91 supports the C64name encoding that will be used in the new repository ZIP-format, and minor other improvements.


Dirdump is the inverse of dtvmkfs - it extracts files from a DTV flash filesystem image. At the current stage this is pretty crude, but does make it considerably easier to get these files.

As with dtvmkfs dirdump is primarily developed under Linux. Again I have compiled a version with MinGW, and they are both available here:

Last updated: 2008.12.06